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My career has bridged over six decades, in the advertising and marketing industry. Having experienced working for: agencies, studios, publishers, manufactures, distributors, organizations, business to business, retailers, catalogers and e-tailers as an employee, consultant, or supplier provides a base of knowledge both practiced and proven. Creating, then manufacturing and fulfilling items of all kinds has built an extensive knowledge bank of how to get things started and done. Providing practical analysis of Product to Market and Market to consumer has been at the forefront of my career. Creating “art that works… not works of art” and looking at things “where they live” are the focal point of every project. As a result of my involvement and a commitment to these basics, many of the companies served have survived, grown and prospered. To learn more about me and follow my weekly posts log on and like “allthings abmadcouncil” on face book

alan b.meschkow 11/21/2014
alan with; AJ Richard
alan with;
Mayor Bloomberg
alan; at the
Frank Sinatra Salute
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