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art that works not works of art...
Creating art for a purpose is what my entire career has been all about! That’s right art for a purpose not art for art sake. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; however working art is in everyone’s eyes beautiful or not. It would be nearly impossible as a sighted person to avoid the visual images required for everyday items and remember someone created them! Even the simplest sign or item requires some typography or graphic; someone had to decide where the pieces go. Don’t be fooled any piece of visual art can reflect a level of professionalism or lack thereof.
      I truly admire those creative artists that have given the world works worthy of great admiration and also would like to remind you of all the nameless artisans that craft the visual images we are so impacted by everyday!

       I am grateful to all those who have allowed me to interpret their requirements into “art that works… not works of art” and the; diverse, challenging, enjoyable career I have enjoyed for over five decades. Follow posts log on and like “allthings abmadcouncil” on face book
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